My Mahina Expedition

This video chronicles my experience on a Mahina Expedition, sailing from Samoa to Fiji.

Mahina is an offshore cruise training experience on a 46-ft Halberg Rassey sailboat named Mahina Tiare, which teaches all aspects of blue-water cruising. The brochure states that it offers:

“The opportunity to increase your confidence and safety level by gaining the experience of an extended ocean passage and use of storm sailing tactics…The chance to be actively involved in all aspects of operating and maintaining a modern ocean-cruising boat including steering and standing watches, sail trim and reefing, anchoring, provisioning, meal preparation, cleaning and ongoing maintenance of the vessel.”

These expeditions are run by John & Amanda Swan Neal, who have sailed 308,000 miles since 1989, leading 210 sail-training expeditions worldwide. Charlie & I took their 2-day Offshore Cruising seminar several years ago.

Last month I did my Expedition, and it was…AMAZING! Scary, challenging, awe-inspiring, overwhelming…I don’t think I have enough superlatives to describe it. It was NOT easy. It was definitely not a vacation. And it was worth every penny, every terrifying moment, every breathtaking sunset.

Please watch my video, which captures the entire experience from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it!


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